Picnic by the bay on a sunny Autumn day

So everything went well and as planned, we finally went picnicking last Sunday! I spent some time before the weekend researching and hunting for the perfect place for our picnic date. I have a few requirements when it comes to choosing the perfect area:

  1. Preferably in a park, overlooking the bay
  2. Under a shady tree
  3. A not so crowded place, so we can have more privacy
  4. Clear blue sky on a sunny day

I guess I got lucky and I found an extremely nice and peaceful park in Foster City. I checked the forecast and decided Sunday might be a suitable day for picnic. It was a warm, yet not too hot day as well as less windy~


Our food for the picnic :)

Picnic basket + other picnic essentials, LOL

Awesome bay view!! :D Spot the airplane?

Bubbles blow-oh-blow~~I did feel a bit awkward while doing this, but oh well I enjoyed a lot!! :)

Overall, it was totally a dream came true and the picnic date was a success! :) Life has been quite busy recently and it was definitely a short, but good getaway from everything.

Travels planning

After much procrastination, finally I got to get started on planning the travels for us when my parents come over during November.

These are the travel plans I am deciding on:

  • Yosemite 2-3 days tour
  • Lake Tahoe 2-3 days tour
  • Fall Foliage tour (anywhere within driving distance from our place in California)
  • Monterey & Big Sur weekend tour
  • Napa Valley winery weekend tour
  • San Francisco city tour on weekdays
  • Muir Woods day tour
  • etc etc….

Personally, I am so looking forward to the Fall Foliage this year. I miss the colorful leaves and tress. These are some pictures taken last year:

Somehow I looked kinda different last year, compared to now..haha! Definitely more skinny nowadays, but looking younger and fairer too, I hope!! :D